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Written Natal Chart Interpretation

"A Once in a Lifetime Gift"

Makes a very special gift to the parents of a new baby! Or give as a gift to another adult or to yourself. Please note: this is not a good gift for parents of an older child or young adult, as their lives are forming and too much in flux. A live reading is best for the chart of someone at that age.

Custom-written natal chart interpretation. Fully personalized; this is not computer generated. I write this interpretation after reading the chart closely and identifying life themes.

$350, plus shipping if outside the Unites States. Mailed or emailed to you in 3-6 weeks. Please email me at to see about my availability. Depending on the time of year, I may not be available to do this.

Click below to see the full sample.

"I am impressed and delighted with my granddaughter’s chart. You have created a beautiful and clear guide for her and her parents and, of course, her grandmother. I truly appreciate your providing me with a once in a lifetime gift!  

--R.O., Laconia, NH, 2020

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