“There is no light without shadow and no psychic wholeness without imperfection. To round itself out, life calls not for perfection but for completeness; and for this the “thorn in the flesh” is needed, the suffering of defects without which there is no progress and no ascent.”
~ C. G. Jung, CW, Vol. 12, para. 208

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Astrology Readings

Astrology is the lush system that feeds my psychic intuition and flow. I often receive claircognizant and clairvoyant impressions during readings... loving messages from my guides and yours, specifically for you.

See below for some examples of what your reading might include. Especially if this is your first reading, I recommend scheduling a two-hour session.

$90 / one hour

$150 / two hours

All consultations include a color copy of your chart/s and a video and audio-only recording of your reading.

For now (as of 6/1/2020), readings are by Zoom and are typically at 10am or 2pm Monday through Friday. These are just as effective as in-person readings.

See Thoughts on Astrology for further information about my approach to readings.


Your Natal Chart (two hours)

In this introduction to your natal chart (also called birth chart or zodiac chart), I'll begin with a pretty amazing overview your personality by looking at your Rising Sign (persona) and the sign and house placements of the Sun (identity), Moon (soul), Mercury (how we think), Venus (how we love), and Mars (how we assert) in your chart. These make up your core personality, and the insight they offer can be profoundly helpful. Next we may look at the astrological energies in each of your twelve houses, each of which represents a specific area of your life (home/family, partnership, career, etc.). We'll also look at one or two of the strongest aspects in your chart -- the planets that were in strongest alignment with each other (at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees) when you were born and what energies, natural gifts, and challenges these bring to your life.

You will be introduced to your natal chart as a very helpful framework for understanding the different parts of your personality.

If you're new to astrology, this is a great way to start.

Your Life Journey

Your life story is special! This reading helps you clarify and identify your unique personal gifts. Your natal chart is exactly right for you and who you are meant to be.

Each of the planets and their positions in the sky when you were born represents an important part of your psyche:  how you process emotion, how you communicate, how you assert yourself, what you fear, what you love, and much more. While you already know these things about yourself on some level, astrology helps to further elucidate aspects of yourself in a way that promotes profound self-knowledge and personal growth.

In this reading we'll discuss how the psychological archetypes manifest uniquely in your psyche and throughout your life. We'll also take a close look at your intended life path, how to keep yourself on course, and what brings you the greatest sense of fulfillment. Each of the tools in your astrological toolbox are designed to help you get where you need to go and to fulfill your destiny.

From this reading you'll gain helpful insight into to your personal psychology and life purpose and a new appreciation for the challenges with which you have been, and will continue to be, presented throughout life.

Your Solar Return

What is this year about, and what will your next year be like?

Around the date of your birthday, the sun returns to the exact same position in the sky as when you were born. But each year the placements of the other celestial bodies are different. In this way, each year truly brings a new chapter to your life story. Each year of your life brings with it new qualities and opportunities for personal growth. Your solar return reading is like a subset of the life path that's indicated in your natal chart. Using your solar return charts, we'll discuss the likely “influences” of transiting planets on your life and the resulting areas of focus and challenges you can anticipate in the coming year.

Your Greatest Personal Challenges

If you're interested in a deep dive, I'll approach your reading by taking into account the "hard aspects" of your chart (squares, oppositions, and inconjuncts), the planetary placements that represent wounds and blockages that you came into this life to heal, and the shadow side of your psyche. Taking a look at your chart from this perspective can be incredibly healing. It helps shed greater light on the ways in which you may be standing in your own way at this particular time in your life. This information sheds light on what needs to be fully healed within before you can become your truest, most authentic self.

Couples Reading

Two to Three Hours

This consultation looks at your individual charts as well as your composite chart as a couple, and the ways in which you each approach life and express yourself. We'll look at your life journeys in this incarnation, the karma you bring to this life from past lives, and the ways in which you are intended to find the deepest sense of happiness and fulfillment in this life, individually and as a couple. 

You will come away from this reading with profound insight into to your personal psychologies and life purpose, and a new appreciation for each other's uniqueness.

Written Report ($300)

Whether this report is prepared for an adult or a child, it will provide lifelong insights. Click here to see a sample report.

Discounts cannot be applied on a written report.


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