Regression Hypnotherapy (e.g. Past Life Regression)

What Is It?

Regression is a wonderful, sacred, and beautifully insightful form of hypnosis therapy through which you'll explore your subconscious realm, connect with your higher self, and receive messages from your spiritual guides, with me as your trained, experienced, gentle, and supportive guide throughout the session. Regression hypnosis is a deeply healing experience. Only good and useful things will come to you. My clients' subconscious journeys are truly beautiful to witness.

Regression hypnotherapy recognizes that your spiritual health supports your physical, emotional, and mental health. If you are experiencing the effects of physical, mental, or emotional trauma, chronic pain or illness, depression, anxiety, or addictions, regression hypnotherapy can help by identifying the spiritual causes of your suffering.

Often the suffering is linked to past life experiences as well as memory that is rooted in our ancestors' experiences and passed down through our DNA.


How Does It Work?

To start, we'll talk about your intention for the regression. Perhaps you'd like to visit a past life, and/or perhaps you'd like to receive insight from the subconscious and spiritual realms to help you work through a particular challenge you're facing. Through gentle visualization and relaxation techniques, I'll slowly bring you into a comfortable, safe, and deep state of hypnosis. Even when you are in a deep state of hypnosis, you will remain in control, because all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. The induction into hypnosis generally takes 20 to 40 minutes and in itself is a welcome retreat for the mind and body. Once you've entered deep hypnosis, the regressed phase of exploration of your subconscious usually lasts for 45 to 90 minutes, and it ends when you decide you've received what you intended to receive. At the end, I'll gently bring you back to a fully alert state. We'll follow the regression with brief discussion about your experience, to ground you.

You may use your phone or another recording device to record the session. If you choose to do your regression via Zoom, we can record the session that way.

It is essential that you not be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance when you undergo hypnosis.

Is It Done In-Person or Online?

You have your choice of in-person or Zoom. Some people prefer to do in in the comfort of their own home, via Zoom, and it is just as effective as in-person. Others prefer in-person to be free of technology.


If in-person, I'll have you lie on a salon/massage table or recliner chair, with a pillow, optional sheet and/or weighted blanket.


If via Zoom, it is essential that you have a set of earbuds with a microphone. Obviously, a quiet setting with minimal disruption is important if you choose to do your session from home. Here's how to properly prepare for a regression via Zoom. Do not attempt an at-home regression while caring for a child or anyone else.


Why Do People Do Regression Hypnosis?

On its own or following an astrology reading, this entrance into to a deeper state of consciousness can help you:

  • more fully understand past life wounding (Chiron) that you are meant to heal in this life

  • integrate patterns of behavior and gifts from past lives (South Node) with your present life journey

  • explore on a much deeper psychological level blockages and behavioral patterns in this life that keep you from being your fullest, most authentic self.


Does Regression Hypnosis Always Involve Astrology?

No, it doesn't. This is a unique technique that I offer. If you prefer, you may skip the astrology part and purely choose regression hypnosis for the sacred and mystical experience of connecting with your deepest psycho-spiritual consciousness or to communicate with your spiritual guides and loved ones on the other side.

What Will Your Experience Be?

If your wish is specifically to be regressed to a past life experience, we will set that as our intention. Most of the time when this is the intention, this is the experience that the client has.

Regression experiences vary, all have meaning, and almost all come with some level of surprise--a new form of insight; a new way of understanding yourself spiritually, your ancestral history, or a situation you're facing in this life. Sometimes the surprise is in the simplicity of the message. Some clients visit a past life; some clients visit a past life of someone else in their spiritual lineage; some people spend time experiencing a beautiful field, or a waterfall, or a galaxy, and their experience of spiritual immersion is extraordinary; some people experience an immersion in colors or sensations without any particular visual image; some people have exchanges with cartoon characters -- this may seem silly at first, but these messengers are trusted figures from childhood. Almost all sessions include insights from your spiritual guides.


Psyche will bring what you need at the present time, in a way that is safe and just right for you. Only good and useful wisdom will come to you.