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Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Journeying, Soul Retrieval

$200 / Single Regression Session

$250 / 30-minute Astrology Reading followed by Regression Session

$180 / Multiple Regression Plan (at least 4 sessions in one year)

Please read this whole page to determine if regression is right for you. It will take you less than ten minutes. Please also feel free to email me at or call me at 207-522-0708 if you have questions.

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy (also called Regression Hypnotherapy or just Regression) is a sacred and beautifully insightful healing modality. It is a form of transpersonal journeying through which you'll explore the unconscious realm, connect with your inner wisdom, and receive messages from your spiritual guides, with me as your trained, experienced, gentle, and supportive guide throughout the session. Healing insight from the unconscious realm is brought forward into your conscious awareness. Regression therapy is a deeply healing experience. Each of my clients' experiences is unique and right for them.

Regression is not hypnosis, where a hypnotist suggests affirmations and images to you, to help you think and behave differently--for example to quite smoking. In regression hypnotherapy, the client receives insights from deep within and from higher source.

The word transpersonal is defined as dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. There is consciousness in the energy field outside of us. This is what we refer to in depth psychology as "the unconscious." This is where memories exist, whether they are buried memories from this life, from a past life, or from our ancestors. When we are regressed, there is a beautiful fluidity between our waking, every-day consciousness and the unconscious energy field.

Regression therapy recognizes that your spiritual health supports your physical, emotional, and mental health. If you are experiencing the effects of physical, mental, or emotional trauma, chronic pain or illness, depression, anxiety, or addictions, regression therapy can help by identifying the psycho-spiritual causes of your suffering. If there is blockage or trauma from something you suffered in this life, regression is a gentle yet profound way to explore and heal that area of your subconscious--the shattered soul fragments--so that you can more fully become your most authentic, loving, joyful self.

Often the suffering is linked to memory that is rooted in our ancestors' experiences and passed down to us. And/or we experience pain in this life that has carried through from a past life or lives. By exploring and healing the wounding that is passed to you through your ancestry and through your own past lives, you will facilitate your own healing as well as help to heal wounding that ancestors may have carried with them to the other side.

We can set a specific intention for your regression if that is your preference, or we can leave it open. Either way, we trust your psyche to bring forward what will be most useful to you to know at this time. Only good and wise things will come to you.


If your goal is to heal trauma, the experience will provide enormous release, insight, and a greater sense of wholeness. If there is a memory or piece of information you do not want to be presented with, you will not experience it. If you are afraid but want to explore a memory with the intention of initiating healing, that memory is what will be presented to you.


How does it work?

To start, we'll begin with a discussion about any intention you may have for the regression, and you can provide me with history from your life that you feel is pertinent.


Next, through gentle visualization, deep gentle breathing, and other relaxation techniques, I'll slowly bring you into a comfortable, safe, and deep state of hypnosis. Even when you are in a deep state of hypnosis, you will remain in control of your experience. You decide how deep and where you want to go. The induction into hypnosis generally takes 10 to 20 minutes and in itself is a welcome retreat for the mind and body.


Once you've entered deep hypnosis, the regressed phase of exploration of your subconscious usually lasts about an hour, and it ends when we decide together that you've received what you intended to receive. Your "job" during the regression is to describe to me what you see, sense, and feel without judging what comes to you. Your experience will be a lot like watching snippets of a movie, and all you have to do is describe to me what is happening. Throughout the regression I will guide you with my voice to help you stay present with what you are experiencing. At the end, I'll gently bring you back to a fully alert state.


We'll follow the regression with discussion about your experience, to ground you and to connect the regression experience with experiences and challenges in your current life.

Recording the session

If you wish, you may use your phone or another recording device to record the session. If you choose to do your regression via Zoom, we can record the session that way. Some clients prefer not to record the session at all. It is up to you.


It is essential that you not be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other self-medicating substance when you undergo hypnosis. If you are on a prescribed medication, it is important that you continue to take it.

If you have a serious psychological condition

Regression therapy is not appropriate for you if you suffer with schizophrenia or other serious psychopathology. An astrological reading might lend insight, though.

If you are under the care of a licensed therapist

I prefer that you let your therapist know you are planning to do a regression. You do not need the therapist's permission, but I believe full transparency is helpful in the healing journey. If your therapist would like to speak with me before or after your regression, please have them contact me: 207-522-0708.

Is Regression done in-person or online?

You have your choice of in-person or Zoom. Some clients prefer to be regressed in the comfort of their own home via Zoom, which is just as effective as in-person. Other clients prefer in-person. It is up to you.


If in-person, I'll have you rest back in a reclining chair, with an optional pillow, optional sheet and/or blanket, and optional eye covering. Feel free to bring your own eye cover.


If via Zoom, it is essential that you have a set of earbuds with a microphone. Obviously, a quiet setting with minimal disruption is important if you choose to do your session from home. Here's how to properly prepare for a regression via Zoom. Do not attempt an at-home regression while caring for a child or anyone else.


Why do people do Regression Therapy along with astrology?

Following an astrology reading, this entrance into to a deeper state of consciousness can help you:

  • explore on a much deeper psychological level blockages and behavioral patterns, as indicated in your natal chart, that hold you back from being your fullest, most authentic, joyful self.

  • more fully understand past life wounding and/or ancestral trauma (usually indicated by the position of Chiron in your astrological chart) that you are meant to heal in this life

  • integrate patterns of behavior and gifts from past lives (South Node, Pluto, and/or Moon in your chart) with your present life journey


Does Regression Therapy always involve astrology?

No, it doesn't. This is a unique approach to hypnotherapy that I offer. If you prefer, you may skip the astrology part. But if you are open to the astrology part, it is helpful to me and my clients in providing background and a framework for understanding the client's behavioral patterns and soul's evolutionary path. It deepens the regression experience itself as well as the discussion prior to and after the regression. See more about my approach to astrology here.

What will your experience be?

If your wish is specifically to be regressed to a past life experience or to a traumatic experience from your current life, we will set that as our intention. Most of the time when this is the intention, this is the experience that the client has.

Regression experiences vary, all have meaning, and almost all come with some level of surprise--a new form of insight; a new way of understanding yourself spiritually, your ancestral history, or a situation you're facing in this life. Sometimes the surprise is in the simplicity of the message. Some clients visit a past life; some clients visit a past life of someone else in their spiritual lineage; some people spend time experiencing a beautiful field, or a waterfall, or a galaxy, and their experience of spiritual immersion is extraordinary; some people experience an immersion in colors or sensations without any particular visual image; some people have exchanges with cartoon characters -- this may seem silly at first, but these messengers can be trusted figures from childhood and/or archetypes that are trying to get your attention. Almost all sessions include insights from your spiritual guides, if that is something you wish to receive.

What will your experience not be?

While you are in the regressed state (also called trance or hypnosis), you will not lose control of your behavior. At no time will you blank out or otherwise be unaware of what you are doing. You will not experience anything that you are unable to manage.


All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. I guide you into hypnosis, but you decide how deep you want to go. It works when you decide to surrender to and trust the process. Once you are deep, you will communicate with me through words throughout your session to let me know what you are experiencing. I help you to stay present and to trust what is coming to you (images, feelings, sensations, knowing).

Your psyche will bring what you need at the present time, in a way that is safe and just right for you. Only good and useful wisdom will come to you. You will remain in control at all times, even though you are deeply and fully relaxed.

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