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Ongoing Consultation
In-depth Consciousness Journeying

After your first astrological consultation or regression hypnosis session, if you'd like to work with me on an ongoing basis (according to the time frame that works best for you), we can arrange a regular consultation schedule. Astrology combined with regression work is incredibly and beautifully insightful. In-depth consciousness journeying helps clients understand behavioral patterns, hone their unique tools for responding to life's stumbling blocks, heal deep emotional wounding, and achieve a higher level of fulfillment and wholeness in life. 


These sessions are very helpful for addressing ongoing challenges you grapple with. In addition to spending more in-depth time with your natal chart, we'll discuss planetary transit synchronicities to your chart and your life events.

Each of us has shadow behavior that can cause feelings of confusion, embarrassment, guilt, and regret. In facing our shadow, we gain valuable personal wisdom and freedom to be at our most authentic and best. Managing negative patterns of behavior becomes easier as you come to understand the shadow side of your chart's planetary placements.

Rates for Ongoing Consultation (sliding scale available)

Astrological Consultation:  $80/hour

Regression Healing: $150/session (2-4 hours)

Please note that most health insurance covers neither astrology nor regression hypnosis.

*While there is profoundly insightful and helpful information to be gained from astrological consultation and regression hypnosis therapy, for treatment of severe psychological challenges please see a licensed professional or use astrological consultation and/or regression as a complements to your psychological treatment.

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