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Progressed Moon Reading
This reading is best if you already are at least somewhat familiar with your natal chart and want to delve into your natal Moon's evolving nature over the course of your life. Your progressed Moon will change signs every two and a half years, more frequently than any other celestial body. As a result, approximately every two and a half years your emotions take on a different quality, based on the element and modality of the sign your Moon is progressing through. The way that you process emotion and your response to emotionally-charged situations evolves, but it still behaves under the overall 'umbrella' quality of your natal Moon. The progressed Moon's sign serves as a fine-tuning of your emotional experience. Juxtaposed against the experiences of your life, this is an enlightening way to reflect on your memories of yourself.

Prior to your appointment with me, I will put together a short report of the approximate dates when your progressed Moon changed signs along with a generalized description of how our Moon behaves under each sign. We will discuss these phases of your life during the reading. It is fascinating and insightful to reflect on our lives in this way. You will ge the most out of the discussion with me if you come to the appointment with the dates or years of particularly difficult times in your life.

Perhaps most importantly, we'll look at the sign your progressed Moon is currently in and what is to come. This can be an extremely helpful way to understand how to best work through your emotions now and how to prepare for what is next and when to start.

$200 - Includes a 1-hour reading and a written report with the approximate dates of your Moon's progression through the astrological signs.
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