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"Thank you so much Peggy. I can’t stop thinking about our session. Very powerful for me, you have a gift!"

__A.S., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation, December 2021

"Working with Peggy is wonderful!  She has a calm, loving, and grounding voice that guided me right into myself – opening my unconscious, as if in a dreamlike state, and inviting me to name it, see it, and feel it in ways both new and familiar.  I love these layers of depth and intimacy that were brought to themes I am already working on in my psycho-spiritual life.  I did experience some moments of physical and emotional discomfort, which I invited and allowed myself to deepen into.  Amidst these sensations, I felt secure, curious, and safe the entire time – it was the solid container Peggy provided that allowed me to go deeper, rather than pull back in fear.  The amazing thing about the regression is that while I know the ways that the experience connects to my cognisant/conscious reality, it felt like the healing work happened behind the scenes, as if for me.  Following the regression, I feel the integrations that have been made, but I have not had to reflect or process them with much depth – they are now fully integrated parts of me."

Anonymous, Massachusetts

Regression Hypnosis, February 2021

"Peggy guided me through my past life regression with compassion, gentleness and with a strong intentionality. She told me there was much for me to discover. She over-delivered on that promise! The session has become a gateway for my own spiritual work. I couldn’t be more grateful."

—D.O., Maine

Regression Hypnosis, November, 2020

"I'd set astrology aside for many years because I was working in academia where my personal interests in "things occult" were not accepted in anything other than historical context. Coming back around to these things now allows me to see how astrology has grown and again transitioned. Listening to your take on things I dabbled in so long ago fills me with joy. I had come to using astrology for its vocabulary. I long ago gave up on it as a prescriptive but using it to understand things in hindsight was always useful. Your classes are allowing me to remember what I had tucked away at the same time allowing me to learn and coalesce the gaps with the glue of new knowledge. 


You cannot imagine how grateful and happy this makes me."

J.D., Maine

Class Participant
April 2020

"Peggy beautifully blends the intricacies of astrology, energy work and intuition to bring through information that is not only useful but equally empowering."

D.C., Maine

Psychic Intuitive

March 2020

"This was the first time the houses have been presented in a way that resonated with me. The doors feel like they've opened in this amazingly amplifying and validating way. So thank you thank you! [There was an] amazing group feeling and you have such an undeniable talent for hosting, facilitating, and educating/guiding in that space."

—C.B., Maine

Class Participant

December 2019

"Thank you so much for a great reading. It gave me just what I needed - some sense that there is a larger plan. I am glad that the invitations to change are built in to the chart both for this year and for the future. And that while it is my job to be aware and say yes to the invitations -- I don't have to worry as much as I naturally do about whether or not I will miss the signs. I feel I can hear that invitation to personal power more clearly and resonantly than I have heard before - which is great."
—C.M., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation and Solar Return Reading
May 2019

"I just want to thank you for the reading and let you know how much I enjoyed it and our time together. I so appreciated your beautiful house and the warm, peaceful space you have created. I found your intuitive perceptions fascinating and inspiring and I know I will return to the reading again and again for new insights. The safe space you provide is so conducive to deep thought and you offer such a valuable service. I would recommend your readings to anyone on the path of self knowledge. I love that you have been part of my journey."
—R.Q., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation
November 2018

"Peggy is very knowledgeable about astrology, but what really made her reading remarkable for me was her powerful intuition about how my birth chart actually plays out in the broad scope as well as in the details of my life. She also helped me to reach new insights and to tap into aspects of my personality that I hadn't fully appreciated."
—M.S., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation
October 2018

"Peggy was clearly in charge of the material but also engaged and engaging. She included everyone and was very empathic.  Class size good."
—J.P., Maine

Class Participant
October 2018

"I felt seen, accepted, met, and held. Peggy used language and analogies that I could understand and relate to. I appreciated getting a color print of my chart and a recording. I look forward to our next session - it is clarifying in so many ways for me! Thank you."
—L.M., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation
May 2018

"It had been twenty years since my last astrological reading and I am happy to say that Peggy gave me an incredible reading! She was accurate and very knowledgable. She gave me amazing insights into my personal life and professional life. And she was right on the mark about a big life event about to happen and the month it would occur. I now recommend her to my friends and clients. I will definitely use Peggy again."
—N.G., Maine

Natal Chart and Transits Reading
April 2018

"Peggy is very knowledgeable and is also able to explain complicated concepts in a way that I could understand. I really appreciated how she gave me a very broad perspective on my chart and then connected parts of it so that I could get a comprehensive picture. She was gentle and kind and I feel nurtured in a lovely way."
—F.B., Maine

Natal Chart Interpretation
March 2018

"I’ve dabbled in astrology for most of my life, I’ve taken online quizzes and had online, computer generated “readings”.   Peggy’s class took astrology to a whole new level for me.   Understanding my birth-chart has always seemed too complicated,  but with Peggy’s expertise and laid back teaching manner, its no longer so intimidating.  I’m excited to build on my knowledge in her fantastic classes.  Thank you, Peggy for sharing your gift!"
—P.P., Maine

Class Participant
January 2018

"Wow. Thank you so much for the information you shared in my chart. It rings completely true, and is as if someone is finally explaining me, to me. It also changed the negative perceptions I sometimes have of myself, by helping me see my qualities as wonderful and unique, with purpose and value. It has given me a new confidence to live life according to who I am, rather than trying to conform (unhappily) to others’ expectations. Thank you, thank you. Your interpretation of my chart totally resonates."
—B.H., Massachusetts

Natal Chart Interpretation
December 2017

"I am new to astrology and appreciated the natural, common sense manner of  presentation. Because the chart and the concepts were described  in an engaging and accessible manner (together with real life examples, and also with written descriptive materials), I was more encouraged to continue to explore the search for meaning provided by astrology." 

—L.S., Maine

Class Participant
December 2017

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