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All That Aquarius!

I woke up this morning realizing that the massive Aquarius stellium falls during the Impeachment trial. I also had this Arte Johnson voice in my head as I looked over today’s chart.

Here’s my take on it.

I don’t care what technical argument astrologers or astronomers choose to make against it; I choose to believe we are in the Age of Aquarius. This means we are moving forward, we have a more humanitarian vision, we think more of the whole than the individual, we fight for the cause, we are empowered, we move toward emancipation, we have big ideas that lead to change, we see the big picture, we have a utopian vision, we rebel, we are revolutionary, we are inventing new ways of seeing and being, etc. All these Aquarian ideals. We're living them. We are called to be revolutionists for them.

My take on the role of the players in this amazing Aquarius stellium, in order from lowest to highest degree:

Saturn at 6 degrees, strongly square Uranus at 7-degrees Taurus. When Saturn and Uranus are in challenging aspect, there’s a struggle between authority (government) and tradition, vs. a need to free ourselves from old ways that no longer serve us. This creates a super strong polarized setting. The potential is there for eventual breakthrough that leads to new order. I see this trial as a polarized setting that gives our stagnant members of Congress the opportunity to struggle with what's most important, and to work to create a stronger democracy. But on the darker side.... could this be a “new order” that sets a precedent for a POTUS to be immune to accountability for something as horrifying as inciting an insurrection? Let’s see what the other Aquarian players have to say about that.

But first, I’ll pull in Chiron at 6-degrees Aries, sextile Saturn. Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Throughout this year, where Aries Chiron has transited my clients’ charts, I've seen healing rather than wounding. I've seen new direction, change, taking charge of the woundedness. With Chiron sextile Saturn….. I see this as honing in on healing the wound of January 6. Chiron is also semi-sextile Uranus…. these two forces are working together to effect change.

Moon at 8-degrees Aquarius The degree of the moon is not truly helpful in lending any insight today since it moves through degrees of signs so quickly. But it IS one of the players in this stellium today and tomorrow, and that is important. The moon speaks to how we process emotion. This worries me a little bit in Aquarius, because the Moon in Aquarius detaches from emotion. Thinking over feeling? Aquarius can bring on detached, aloof, dispassionate behavior. Will there be more GOP Senators ruffling papers and doodling today instead of paying close attention to the emotionally-charged facts of Trump’s incitement as they are presented? Or, will it mean, for some members of the GOP, breakthrough and perspective as they consider the bigger picture of how acquitting Trump will threaten our country’s democracy in the future? Hard to say how the moon will influence the trial. But the New Moon is tomorrow..... time to set new intentions.... seems hopeful to me.

Venus at 11-degrees conjunct Jupiter at 12-degrees Aquarius… of course, all of these planets in Aquarius are conjunct… but these two are the second strongest in their conjunction within the stellium. Jupiter does things in a big way…. expansion, creating abundance….but it’s ultimately about finding meaning, justice and truth. Jupiter is virtuous and righteous. Venus is about love, relatedness, balance, stability --- I can’t see Venus' Aquarian partnership with Jupiter working in any way other than impeachment of the madman who violates of all of these Venusian qualities daily.

Mercury at 17-degrees Aquarius, retrograde, in strong square with Mars in Taurus. Mmmmphff. I have little patience for the negative hullabaloo around Mercury retrograde. As if the world is going to fall apart for the two- or three-week period two or three times a year when Mercury is retrograde. Errors in communication! Failures in technology! Complete nonsense. Those things happen all year round! I see a re-trograde, a period where a planet appears to stand still or move backwards, as a call for presence. With Mercury having to do with the mind, it’s about re-thinking, a re-minder to be present in the moment. In Aquarius, it’s about introspection and re-invention. Again….on the darker side of things.... could this mean reinvention of the Constitution in a sense… giving a POTUS the ability to behave more as an authoritarian leader than a democratic one, without repercussion? I don’t think so. There’s too much progressive Aquarius energy overpowering the negative. It’s a call for presence and consideration of the larger picture of what’s truly happening here.

A square with Mars tells a story of fighting for survival, a story of tension around the very state of being. A square creates tension between two planets, tension that is meant to stimulate growth. The square creates an obstacle that must be overcome. The impeachment trial represents this Mercury-Mars square. It is a story of tension around what we think and what we must do. Mercury in retrograde in Aquarius is calling for introspection (conjunct Jupiter’s call for truth, re-calling the facts) square warrior Mars in Taurus calling for action that is aligned with core values, action that promotes stability. A former president is the subject of an impeachment trial for the first time in our nation’s history. What will the United States be?

Pallas Athena at 21-degrees conjunct the Sun at 22-degrees Aquarius. Asteroid Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare, is right there in the spotlight once again, as she was at the time of The Great Conjunction of December 21, then just 4 degrees from Jupiter-Saturn. Pallas is a warrior for freedom and democracy. Pallas Athene in the natal chart of the United States is positioned at 26-degrees Aquarius. Transiting Pallas is moving into conjunction with her natal position. She is reaffirming her position as a warrior for liberation and humanitarian ideals. Today she partners with the Sun, which speaks to our core identity. The Sun represents our identity, intentionality, expression, will, self-concept, the hero archetype. Together, these two are validation that democracy in our nation will stand.

The Verdict? Will 17 Republican Senators and all 50 Democrats vote to impeach? Looks unlikely from what we know about the human players involved. But from the standpoint of the cosmological players involved, seems to me this Aquarius super-stellium says that the trial will lead to impeachment. This much Aquarius calls for democracy, progress, humanitarian vision, and empowerment to overrule all else. Fingers crossed.


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