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Now Offering Regression Hypnosis

Over the past four years of doing astrological consultations professionally, my work has naturally leaned more and more toward evolutionary astrology. Steven Forrest describes evolution astrology as “a style of astrology that understands each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution.” Often, my clients and students will ask how they can learn more about their Chiron past life wounding, or more about their South Node-North Node path, which describes the soul’s evolutionary course starting from the place it left off at the time of death in the last life, toward the chosen course in this incarnation.

At first, I referred clients and students to a friend who is trained in past life regression. But she has been too busy with other work in the last couple of years to take new clients. So, I decided to become certified in regression hypnosis myself and was trained last fall through the Edgar Cayce Foundation’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. I am so grateful to be able to offer this service.

Not only is regression a valuable and beautiful experience for my clients, it opens up to me a whole new perspective on the accessibility of unconscious messaging. Each client’s session is a gift to me as well. It is a privilege to guide and witness their encounters with the numinous. The experiences are sacred, illuminating, deeply moving, and real. As much as regression bring news information to a client, these sessions also always connect a client to their natural inner knowing. Regression connects us to that which we know but cannot access through normal, waking consciousness.

Learn more about regression hypnosis here on my website. I’m pleased to offer my newsletter subscribers a 50% discount for a first-time regression session. You can book a session here, and enter the coupon code SUBSCRIBER.

To take advantage of the discount, make your booking before July 15, and schedule it for any time before the end of December 2021.

I have also been studying and researching more and more about past lives in natal and death charts. If you would like to take one of my classes on this topic, you can find my class schedule here.

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