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Astrology & Fascial Fitness Workshop

Saturday, May 14, 2022    9:00 am - 12:30 pm
36 Main Street
Topsham, Maine
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Fitness on Yoga Mat

Fascia is a web-like membrane of connective tissue that completely invests our bodies from the surface of the skin to deep within the bone. It holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. It is also our largest sensory organ making it is as sensitive as skin. When fascia becomes injured, it becomes tangled and disorderly, leading to stiffness, aches, and minimized movement within the body. Research is beginning to show that fascia also stores emotional energy and memory.


In astrology, the asteroid Chiron, The Wounded Healer, tells the story in each of our natal charts of the wound we hold as a result of ancestral and past life emotional pain. It is the wound our soul chose to heal in this life. Chiron manifests early in our lives, and perhaps, continues into our later years as a place of pain and "stuckness" within us. Until the wound is fully understood, it remains a barrier to our becoming our truest, most authentic selves. As the wound is healed, we become The Wounded Healer in our own way.


In this workshop, we presuppose that we all hold this wound within our own fascia. The more the Chiron wound is denied or dismissed, the greater the fascial entanglement becomes. Through emotional work and joyful embodied movement our wound and our injured fascia can be released and healed.


This workshop will begin with an overview of Chiron in the natal chart. Participants will be guided through a lesson about Chiron, and we will interpret how the wound is likely to manifest in each participant's life, according to the astrological sign of Chiron in their natal chart and the qualities of the element (fire, earth, air, water) each sign is associated with. We'll also talk about which body parts are ruled by which signs.


Our overall health affects the health of our fascia and good fascial hygiene contributes to our overall health. At the root of health is balanced homeostatic regulation. In the second half of the workshop there will be a brief overview about fascia which will connect the four Fascial Fitness training principles to the four astrological elements. This will be followed by a sequence integrating the four training principles to release and nourish the fascial system to promote physical and emotional well-being. Participants may experience additional insights that help release and integrate their Chironic wounding. 


We will end the workshop with group conversation about the morning's experiences.

Please join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop! Ten participants, maximum.

Loose and/or stretchy clothing is recommended. Each participant will need to bring: proof of COVID vaccination, a yoga mat, and a blanket. We will provide the other props you'll need.

Register here. As part of your registration, you will need to email your date of birth, exact time of birth, and city/state of birth to Peggy at

Questions? Call Peggy at 522-0708 or Lesley at 874-0491.

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Peggy Schick

Peggy Schick is a professional astrologer, regression hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. With her 6th house natal Cazimi Chiron (within minutes of, or "in the heart of," her natal Sun) in Pisces, processing emotional pain and understanding its relationship to physical well-being has been a central theme throughout her life. Choosing to put her own healing front and center as a conscious, daily practice has inspired her to make psycho-spiritual healing the focus of her professional work. Since 2017, she has been helping clients heal the wounding, as indicated by the placement of their natal Chiron, that they hold within their unconscious psyche and within their bodies.

For more info, visit

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Lesley Hoey

Dr. Lesley Hoey is a physical therapist and a certified Fascial Fitness Master Trainer. She is also a long-time student and enthusiast of astrology. Given the prominent and potent placement of Chiron in her natal chart, the myth of the "Wounded Teacher-Healer" has played a profound role in her life. Personally, she has experienced wounding on multiple levels. Using Chiron as a guide has enabled her to thrive not despite her wounds but because of them; her wounds have been her greatest teachers. She became a physical therapist, in part, because she wanted to help people reframe the narrative of their wounding and come to appreciate the gifts they have to offer.

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