Regression Hypnosis

This is a wonderful, sacred, and amazingly insightful form of hypnosis therapy through which you'll explore your subconscious realm, with me as your trained, gentle, and supportive guide throughout the experience. Through gentle visualization and relaxation techniques, I'll slowly bring you into a comfortable, safe, and deep state of hypnosis. This induction into hypnosis generally takes 20 to 40 minutes and in itself is a welcome retreat for the mind and body. One you've entered deep hypnosis, the regressed phase of exploration of your subconscious usually lasts for 45 to 90 minutes, and it ends when you decide you've received what you intended to receive. At all times, you will remain in control, because all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis.

This process is done very effectively and safely via Zoom, and it is important that you have a set of earbuds with a microphone or a comfortable headset with a microphone. Obviously, a quiet setting around you is also important.

It is essential that you not be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance when you undergo hypnosis.


On its own or following an astrology reading, this entrance into to a deeper state of consciousness can help you:

  • more fully understand past life wounding (Chiron) that you are meant to heal in this life

  • integrate patterns of behavior and gifts from past lives (South Node) with your present life journey

  • explore on a much deeper psychological level blockages and behavioral patterns in this life that keep you from being your fullest, most authentic self.

You may also choose regression hypnosis purely for the sacred and mystical experience of connecting with your deepest psycho-spiritual consciousness or to communicate with your spiritual guides. The options are endless, and the depth to which you explore your psyche depends on your comfort level with going there. Only good and useful things will come to you. My clients' experiences have been truly beautiful to witness.

If your wish is specifically to be regressed to a past life experience, we can set that as our intention. Most of the time when this is the intention, this is indeed the experience that the client has.

Regression experiences vary, all have meaning, and almost all come with some level of surprise--a new form of insight; a new way of understanding yourself or a situation you're facing. Some people visit a past life; some people visit a past life that seems to have belonged to someone else in their spiritual lineage; some people spend time simply experiencing a beautiful field, or a waterfall, and their experience of spiritual immersion with nature is extraordinary; some people experience an immersion in colors or sensations without any particular visual image; some people experience nothingness... gray colors, no sensation, nothing... which can be very relaxing and informative; some people have exchanges with cartoon characters -- this may seem ridiculous at first, but these messengers may be trusted figures from childhood. Psyche will bring what you need at the present time, in a way that is safe and just right for you.


Topsham, Maine

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