Astrology Readings  -  Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a reading take?

Two hours is preferable for a first-time reading. For follow-up readings, usually an hour is plenty.

Do you do readings by Zoom, or phone?

Yes, and a reading is just as effective done remotely as it is in person.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

If this is your first reading, I'll spend some time giving you a general overview of your natal chart so you'll have an understanding of what you're looking at. After that, I'll describe the different qualities associated with the placements (signs and houses) of the planets and positions on your chart: those things that make up your personality, or psyche. We'll talk about natural gifts, easier qualities, and life challenges you face.

What if there is bad news in my chart?

There's no such thing. Every person's chart contains really useful information about their personality and personal approach to life's challenges. We all have easier and more difficult qualities to our personalities and lives. Each planetary position is exactly right for your life. What's important is that astrology gives you a new, very helpful framework for understanding yourself and your life journey.

What's a Solar Return reading?

Around the date of your birthday, the sun returns to the exact same position in the sky as when you were born. But each year the placements of the other celestial bodies are different. In this way, each year truly brings a new chapter to your life story. Each year of your life brings with it new qualities and opportunities for personal growth. Your solar return reading is like a subset of the life path that's indicated in your natal chart. Using your solar return chart, we'll discuss the likely “influences” of transiting planets on your life and the resulting areas of focus and challenges you can anticipate in the coming year.

What exactly is Intuitive Astrology?

In my readings, I not only interpret a client's natal chart, or solar return chart, using my technical knowledge of astrology, I also rely very much on my clairsentient (feeling/knowing) and clairvoyant (visual images) intuition to guide my choice of what parts of a client's chart to focus on in our discussion. I receive messages from my guides as we talk. So, my readings are a technical interpretation and a "psychic" reading, in one.