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Working with you is a privilege

You, as an astrology and/or hypnosis client, entrust me with a close and very personal look at your unique life journey. As a Reiki client, you entrust me with balancing and realigning your body's energy. Ours is a special relationship, and I feel privileged to be able to share in your individuation process. I am here to help bring clarity, meaning, and joy to your life.


Throughout my life, people have remarked that I have uncommon intuition and a unique empathy. I aim to bring this compassion, a kind regard for all beings, and my belief that everyone and everything in the natural world is connected on a spiritual and quantum level, to every astrological chart interpretation and Reiki treatment I do.

I practice a combination of evolutional, psychological, shamanic, and archetypal astrology. My primary teachers, either via their published works or in-person instruction are Arifa Boehler, Keiron LeGrice, Glenn Perry, Martin Schulman, Richard Tarnas, and C.G. Jung. My regression hypnosis training was through the Edgar Cayce Foundation. The Reiki that I practice is in the Usui tradition.

I live in Topsham with my husband Jeff, an environmental engineer.

I feel very blessed to be open to the richness of astrology, hypnosis (especially past life regression), and Reiki and to be able to bring their wisdom and gifts to my clients. Thank you very much for visiting my website. I truly would be honored to work with you.

~ Peggy


Topsham, Maine

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